May 17-27, 2019


Training in Multiple Languages

Why come to Germany?

Germany will give you a first-hand look at what missions, church planting, and discipleship look like in a Post-Christian/Post-Modern society. This experience will have you interacting with church planters who have experienced the struggles and joys of Europe, as well as other areas of the world. Missions Academy: Germany will challenge your understanding of the Mission of God and your role in it. This 10-day journey will give you opportunities to grow in the Gospel of Jesus by observing German churches, engaging in thought-provoking conversations, and learning in an interactive group dynamic. Come to the front lines of Germany for this one-of-a-kind short-term experience.


  • Day 1 /  Friday


  • Day 2 / Saturday

    Orientation & Introduction

  • Day 3 / Sunday:

    Morning – church service in different churches Afternoon – local sightseeing Evening – worship night

  • Day 4 / Monday

    Morning Teaching  – The big picture – Missio Dei (Explaining the Mission Dei, God is on a mission, Old an New testament examples, Different ways of understanding Mission-church history, different models of missiology, the Shalom project)

    Afternoon – Travel to Mainz – Christianity influences Germany and Europe

    Evening  – Group study and discussion + free time

  • Day 5 / Tuesday

    Morning –The Gospel – Understanding God’s message (Miss concepts of what the Gospel is, culture and Gospel, Holistic interpretation of the Gospel).

    Afternoon – Travel to Sankt Wendel – Observe Church Restoration

    Evening – Group study and discussion + study time

  • Day 6 /  Wednesday

    Morning – The Church / Purpose and importance of the church. (Different Concepts, the church and its past – church history, attractional – seeker sensitive – program driven – relational, missional)  – Teaching

    Afternoon –  Travel to Trier – Understand the influence of Rome on the church

    Evening – Group study and discussion + study time

  • Day 7 / Thursday

    Field trip – visiting and interviewing different church planters –  Cologne  and  Luxemburg

  • Day 8 / Friday

    Morning – Analyzing the context – contextualizing.

    Afternoon – Here I am send me…. The missionary/church planter – his identity and ministry.

    Evening –  Group Discussion

  • Day 9 / Saturday

    Sightseeing Trier, Luxemburg, Metz

  • Day 10 / Sunday

    Morning – Participate in different churches in our region

    Afternoon – Free time

    Evening – Church service

  • Day 11 / Monday




  • 4 people in one bed room
  • 3 Meals
  • all day coffee, club soda and cookies


  • Airport
  • Sightseeing


  • book
  • notes
  • PDF’s

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