SUMMER  2020


Training in Multiple Languages

Why come to Ecuador?

Ecuador will give you a first hand look at what missions, church planting, and discipleship looks like in a culture that straddles the changing cultures of the Americas in a diverse landscape. This experience will allow you to interact with church planters who have experienced the struggles and joys in South America, as well as other areas of the world. Missions Academy: Ecuador will challenge your understanding of the Mission of God and your role in it. This 10-day journey will give you opportunities to grow in the Gospel of Jesus by observing Ecuadorian churches, engaging in thought-provoking conversations, and learning in an interactive group dynamic. Come to the front lines of Ecuador for this one-of-a-kind short-term experience.


  • Day 1 /  Friday


  • Day 2 / Saturday

    Orientation & Introduction

  • Day 3 / Sunday:

    Morning – church service in different churches Afternoon – local sightseeing Evening – worship night

  • Day 4 / Monday

    Morning Teaching  – The big picture – Missio Dei (Explaining the Mission Dei, God is on a mission, Old an New testament examples, Different ways of understanding Mission-church history, different models of missiology, the Shalom project)

    Afternoon – Travel to Misicata to observe Church Plant

    Evening  – Group study and discussion + free time

  • Day 5 / Tuesday

    Morning –The Gospel – Understanding God’s message (Miss concepts of what the Gospel is, culture and Gospel, Holistic interpretation of the Gospel).

    Afternoon – Travel to Center of Cuenca to understanding syncretism and necessity of a clear gospel message

    Evening – Group study and discussion + study time

  • Day 6 /  Wednesday

    Morning – The Church / Purpose and importance of the church. (Different Concepts, the church and its past – church history, attractional – seeker sensitive – program driven – relational, missional)  – Teaching

    Afternoon – Visit the Quichua Church and new church plants in the greater Cuenca area

    Evening – Group study and discussion + study time

  • Day 7 / Thursday

    Field trip –Visit Cañar, Ecuador and visit Ingapirca ruins, understand Indigenous and Inca influence.

  • Day 8 / Friday

    Morning – Analyzing the context – contextualizing.

    Afternoon – Discussion with national pastors and missionaries..

    Evening –  Group Discussion

  • Day 9 / Saturday

    Sightseeing – Cajas National Park

  • Day 10 / Sunday

    Morning – Participate in different churches in our region

    Afternoon – Free time

    Evening – Church service

  • Day 11 / Monday




  • 4 people in one bed room
  • 3 Meals
  • all day coffee, club soda and cookies


  • Airport
  • Sightseeing


  • book
  • notes
  • PDF’s

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